Conan is in Death Stranding…possibly.

Not Conan the Barbarian (who would be AWESOME in the game), but Conan O’Brien (who does have a last name that sounds like Barbarian).

Apparently, Conan was in Tokyo filming shorts for his show and he got to visit Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima to sneak a peek at Death Stranding.

Here, have a look.

The video’s pretty tame but holy crap, that facial scanning rig looked awesome! I wonder how much THAT cost?

Other than that, there really wasn’t much new (other than the awesome look at Kojima’s toy collection) but it does raise an interesting possibility; will Conan really appear in the game?

Kojima’s known for his elaborate teases (remember Raiden and MGS2?) so I wouldn’t put it past him to tease Conan’s appearance in-game only for it to be bogus.

No worries, we’ll be finding out if he’s in the game or not in a few days anyway as Death Stranding’s release date of November 8 is fast approaching.

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