On 15 September 2019, Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) returns with yet another monumental event called Klash of Kings, in partnership with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE). This time, the main event boasts the appearances of AEW’s Kenny Omega and OWE’s CIMA and Shaolin Monk as they team up against Team SPW (Onslaught aka The Statement Andruew Tang and Trexxus, and The Butcherman).

Omega’s SPW debut appearance was first announced last month, causing tickets for the first two rows to sell out the very same day. The rest of the seats are also quickly filled up under 24 hours. But they may be adding standing tickets to accommodate the demand (contact them via Facebook for more info).

Here’s the Omega announcement poster uploaded on SPW Facebook:

Credit to SPW

Following the hype of the main event, SPW drops their first video the features GM Carl Hella officially declaring “a war” on OWE and Omega, together with some of SPW wrestlers.

You can check it out here:

But Team Omega has yet to hit back with a response.

Over the years, SPW has invited many guest wrestlers from all over the world, including WWE NXT UK’s Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, former WWE star Rene Dupree, former TNA wrestler and current WWE producer Sonjay Dutt, the icon of women’s wrestling Emi Sakura and of course the Japanese living legend himself, CIMA. And soon the Best Bout Machine will be added to this list.

Credit to SPW

Klash of Kings will also see other OWE stars like the return of El Lindaman and T-Hawk as they take on the team of Alex Cuevas and Aiden Rex, Michael Nakazawa and Shigehiro Irie battling Social Misfits, and Fluter facing Blue Nova and The Australian Sensation Craven.

Other matches include Singapore Champion Destroyer Dharma’s first title defence against Big Good Jack, Mighty Mighty going head to head with GM Carl Hella for The Eurasian Dragon’s contract and Alexis Lee fighting rookies Selina and Luna Inez and the debutant, The Coloniser.

If you’re new to SPW, check out their last show SPW vs OWE: Oriental Storm to see all the good action you can expect!

To watch more of the wrestlers’ promos for the upcoming Klash of Kings, visit SPW’s Facebook page.