Tank Girl is an American sci-fi film made in 1995. It was directed by Rachel Talalay and written by Tedi Sarafian, based on British post-apocalyptic comic series of the same name by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. The comic series was originally published in Deadline magazine.

Just hours ago, Martin tweeted that he caught wind of Margot Robbie’s production company LuckyChap Entertainment purchasing the rights of Tank Girl movie from MGM. According to him, the film has gone into its pre-production phase yet he nor Hewlett have been contacted about it.

Here’s Martin’s original tweet:

Oof, that’s gotta sting. It’s always better to be respectful of original creators and at the very least, contact them about their works that you’ll be using for your project.

However, Robbie’s company may still be working out the details so they could be planning to call Martin and Hewlett about it soon when they’re ready.

Lori Petty as Tank Girl in the 1995 film
Lori Petty as Tank Girl in the 1995 film

The Tank Girl movie starred Lori Petty as the titular character, Naomi Watts as Jet Girl, Malcolm McDowell as Kesslee and Ice-T as Ripper T-Saint. The story focused on how Tank Girl, Jet Girl and supersoldiers of human and kangaroo hybrid called Rippers fight Kesslee’s oppressive Water & Power corporation that monopolises the water supply.

The original comics debuted in 1988 and ended in 1995 when the production of Deadline magazines stopped. They were originally drawn by Hewlett and subsequently drawn by others like Philip Bond, Ashley Wood and Glyn Dillon. Set in futuristic Australia, the series tell the misadventures of Tank Girl who drives around in a tank with her mutant kangaroo of a boyfriend named Booga. The art style has a heavy influence of punk visual art with strips that feature a mix of cut-up and surrealist techniques, collage, stream of consciousness and more.