You might’ve already heard of Cuphead – a side-scrolling platformer in the style of cartoons from the 1930s, known for its gorgeous graphics and notoriously difficult gameplay.

A gif from a Cuphead boss battle. Tons of things to dodge, clearly. / Giphy

Fans of the indie game from 2017 can rejoice, for it’s been jointly announced by its developers (Studio MDHR), as well as King Features and Netflix, that Cuphead will be getting an official, animated series on Netflix!

Titled “The Cuphead Show!“, the animated series is set to expand on the characters and the world introduced in the game. Of course, this means that the story will revolve around the impulsive hero, Cuphead, and his more timid brother, Mugman.

Cuphead on the left, Mugman on the right. / Studio MDHR, Giphy

Apart from that, not much about the series is known. However, the game’s creators have confirmed that the plot will be different from that of the game’s – in which they make a deal with the devil, and are made to collect souls (ie. from bosses in different areas) on his behalf. According to an interview with IGN, The Cuphead Show! will tell it’s own story.

Though the story of the game might be a bit darker in nature, the Moldenhauer brothers aim to make the cartoon a comedy for all ages. “It’s safe for kids, but written so that there are also things that adults find funny, and appeals to a wider audience,” co-creator Chad Moldenhauer told IGN. “It’s not a toddler show or a little kids cartoon. It’s safe to say that [the showrunners are] aiming for the same kind of vibe that the game hints at. They’ll be taking that idea and expanding on it.”

The Cuphead Show! has no confirmed release date. In the meantime, Cuphead is currently available to play on PC (via Steam), Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Go give it a shot!

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