After Klipsch announced its latest T5 True Wireless Earphones at the 2019 International CES earlier this year, they finally released these bad boys sometime in June. They come at a big price of S$349, but Klipsch assures that it is due to the T5’s three main features: true comfort, true performance and true independence. 

True comfort comes in their patented sweat-resistant oval ear tips that are also a great seal for noise isolation. True performance is in the sound quality coming through the earphones. And true independence is about their long-lasting usage of 8 hours plus a 24-hour battery with charging case, being wireless with 4 mics and connecting to your digital assistant (e.g. Siri or Google Voice Assistant) and with the Klipsch Connect app.

First thoughts

Klipsch T5 True Wireless charging case

When I got a pair to review, the first thing that caught my eye is the sleek silver metal case that it comes with. A true beauty is what it is; the charging case is designed to look and feel like a Zippo lighter. When you flip the lid open and close, it shuts with a satisfying click. The name Klipsch is embossed on the case, giving it a rather classy look. Even the earphones themselves look pretty cool. They come in black with the Klipsch logo on each earbud in sophisticated bronze colour. 

Though the more satisfying part about the case is that it allows for a quick charge that gives you more than 2 hours of listening time after 15 minutes of charging. For someone who regularly listens to music while on the go, this is awesome news to me. The earphones come with a USB-C charger cable.

For iPhone users

Connecting the Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones to iPhone via Bluetooth

But here’s where things get tricky for an iPhone user like me. 

  1. I can’t find the Klipsch Connect app anywhere on the App Store.
  2. I have some trouble detecting the earphones with my phone.
  3. When finally detected, the earphones are recognised as 2 separate devices.
  4. I can’t connect the earphones together as 1 device to my phone.
  5. When connected as 2 separate devices, I can’t listen on both sides at the same time. 
  6. I can’t find any solution online for iPhone users.
  7. The same issues happen when I try on my Macbook and a Lenovo laptop (Microsoft).

It’s really strange, especially for the first issue as Klipsch even stated in their spec sheet that the Klipsch Connect app is “available for download on iPhone and Android App Stores”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As an Android user, I encountered most of Nina’s issues too. They were resolved by enabling Dual Audio mode on my Samsung Note 8, which allowed both earphones to be used at the same time. As of this writing, Klipsch’s app isn’t on the Android store too, though from what I’ve been told at the launch of the T5 True Wireless, it should be out relatively soon.

As mentioned, I haven’t found any solution online but what I did find was that I’m not the only iPhone user that faces this problem. Andrew Liszewski from Gizmodo found that connecting them to his iPhone wasn’t “quite as straightforward” but he did manage to work it out with a Klipsch representative though after some back and forth.

The audio test

So, I decided to test the Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones anyway as much as I can—basically with one side. 

Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones inside charging case

When I put on the earphones, the first thing I noticed is that immediately all background noises become muted. Which means it really does offer an excellent seal for noise isolation. I connected the right side to my iPhone and started playing Rammstein’s “Reise, Reise”. Even though I was only listening on one side, I can barely hear my family conversing around me. Yes, I did notice they’re talking to me (from the way they were looking at me and waiting for a response) but I had no idea what they just said. Haha! Anyway, while I can’t fully judge its sound quality, it sounds alright to me. The bass though does sound noticeably more obvious. Overall, the sound is clear and it feels “full”. 

Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of in-ear headphones mainly because they’re usually too tight-fitting. But the Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones surprisingly feel comfortable enough in my ears. This is all thanks to their patented oval ear tips that are shaped differently from other brands. They also provide different sizes for the silicone tips so that you can use the one that fits you the best. This oval design is also soft on the ears and can reduce ear fatigue, perfect for long usage. For gym-goers and other fitness enthusiasts, you can also wear the earphones without worry as they have an IPX4 rating, meaning they are sweat and water resistant.

I like that the Klipsch logo on each earbud works as a physical button for controls. Giving it a short press plays or pauses the music while a long one brings up Siri on my iPhone. However, I have to really press the earbud which makes me push it deeper into my ear. It would be better if I can control the audio with a more gentle press.


The Good
+ Clear sound quality with good bass
+ Beautiful charging case and earphones
+ 8hr usage (plus a 24-hour battery with charging case)
+ Soft oval ear tips with different silicone sizes to choose

The Bad
– The Klipsch Connect app is not available yet (will be out soon though)
– Can only use Dual Audio mode on Android phone to connect earphones (no solution for iPhone users yet)
– The price may not be for casual users

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  1. You need to choose which side you want to pair to your device as the ‘master’ (I chose the right side for mine). Once you paired it, turn on the other side & they’ll automatically link as a stereo pair instead of 2 individual piece. Hope this helps.

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