Finally, after about a year since Disney announced a Mulan live-action film, they gift us a trailer. As we already know, the story is about Mulan who takes her ailing father’s place in the Imperial Army to defend against Northern invaders that are attacking China. While doing so, Mulan goes against tradition and law as she disguises herself as a man named Hua Jun, and her inner strength gets tested.

According to the video description, the upcoming film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay that’s based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan”. Which confirms that this film is a standalone from the 1998 animated musical movie of the same name. This may also suggest that the live-action adaptation may be a more mature take on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. So we could be expecting more war action in this one.

However, as a nod to the animation, fans can spot some familiar features like the reflecting pool and matchmaker in the live-action trailer. Did you spot them too? 

The trailer gives us a good look at Mulan and her family as well as her becoming a badass warrior. While the matchmaker (Cheng Pei-pei) is saying “Quiet, composed, graceful and disciplined… These are the qualities we see in a good wife. These are the qualities we see in Mulan”, we see beautiful overlaying scenes of Mulan training and fighting the Northern invaders.

From bottom left (clockwise): Liu Yifen as Mulan, Tzi Ma as Mulan's father Hua Zhou, Rosalind Cho as Mulan's mother Hua Li and Xana Tang as Mulan's sister Hua Xiu.
From bottom left (clockwise): Liu Yifei as Mulan, Tzi Ma as Mulan’s father Hua Zhou, Rosalind Cho as Mulan’s mother Hua Li and Xana Tang as Mulan’s sister Hua Xiu.

Mulan is played by actress/singer Liu Yifei who began acting in 2003 in TV series before moving to films four years later. Acting as Mulan’s father Hua Zhou is Tzi Ma who has appeared in various films like Rush Hour 3 and Dante’s Peak and TV series like 24. 

Her mother Hua Li is portrayed by Rosalind Chao from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine while her sister Hua Xiu is Xana Tang, a New Zealand-born actress of Chinese-Vietnamese descent.

Donnie Yen (left, via and Jason Scott Lee (right, via @JasonScottLee Twitter)
Donnie Yen (left, via and Jason Scott Lee (right, via @JasonScottLee Twitter)

Joining them are more international stars: Donnie Yen (Commander Tung), Jason Scott Lee (Böri Khan), Yoson An (Chen Honghui), Gong Li (Xianniang) and Jet Li (the Emperor). Wow, what a cast!

The filming for the new movie is already complete. It was done in New Zealand and China last year. Variety reported that the movie will be released on 27 March 2020.