Klipsch has built a solid reputation as a maker of high end audio equipment. These guys aren’t playing around with their hardware, targeting them to audiophiles and those who want only the very best for their listening pleasure.

While I’d like to think of myself as an audio neophyte (who still has much to learn about the world of high end audio), I do know enough about them to know that the Kilpsch T5 True Wireless earphones are something special, even when compared to the SONY WH-1000XM2’s I’ve been using for the past year or so.

The event.

Held at ION Orchard, Klipsch’s global premiere for the debut of the T5 True Wireless Earphones set the bar pretty high, right off the bat. After all, the upper levels of ION is populated by big names (with pricing to match).

A lowly EIC like myself is nowhere near rich enough to hang up here.

But for Klipsch, I made an exception…that and I was curious.

Come on, it’s not everyday you’re invited to attend a global premiere of anything, much less new hardware from Klipsch!

Who in the right mind would turn THAT down?

So off I went to Musica Boutique (which if you didn’t know, is actually a Challenger store) for the event.

I’ve never been to Musica Boutique (on the account that I never venture to the upper levels of ION) but the store’s definitely a good place to hold an intimate event like the T5 True Wireless World Premiere.

You’d think that a world premiere event would be all grandiose and such but Klipsch’s chosen to keep theirs tastefully classy, with just a selected few journalists (and me) chosen to attend.

Honestly, I wish more companies would do their events this way.

Smaller is almost always better, as we get more time with the reps and products and I certainly hope Klipsch continues the trend for their future launches and events.

For the event, Musica Boutique was tastefully decked out in Klipsch’s new T5 line, with rows upon rows of boxes filled with the various earphones from the new line.

There’s even this True You wall, where attendees can write down pretty much anything they want and paste it!

Some write about music, some write about their favourite artists…I even spotted one advocating Trump.

Needless to say, I couldn’t resist adding my own distinct message to the wall.

Elsewhere, the almost the entirety of the shop was dominated by Klipsch’s new T5 line and a selection snacks!

But of course, lest you mistake the event for a general T5 lineup unveiling, the T5 True Wireless reminds you that it’s the reason everybody’s there in the first place!

Of course, the T5 True Wireless Earphones were the highlight of the event and it took center stage at the event.

While my review will be coming in the next few days, I did manage to get some valuable hands-on (or ears-on in this case) time with the T5 True Wireless Earphones.

First impressions.

Definitely positive. Klipsch’s building up the T5 True Wireless as one of the first third generation Bluetooth audio devices, with great audio despite its diminutive size.

From what I’ve heard, it’s definitely a great sounding product, though I’ll readily admit my opinions might change once I have more hands-on time with the earphones.

Right now, my impressions are that music sounds great.

The bass seems to be a tad on the low side (though this could be the songs I listened to and because it was a pretty noisy event) but sound quality was certainly on par with other similar hardware like the Samsung Buds.

I was definitely impressed with how Klipsch not only focused on designing the earphones well, they also took it one step further and made the case something cool to look at too!

While I’m reserving final judgement until I have a few days’ worth of testing under my belt, from what I’ve heard, the Klipsch T5 True Wireless does live up to what one expects from the brand.

I’d like to give a bit shout-out to the guys at TC Acoustic and Klipsch for being awesome and inviting us to their incredible launch of the T5 True Wireless E arphones!

Sal's been in the industry since the early 2000s. He's written for a ton of gaming and tech publications including Playworks, Hardwarezone, HWM and GameAxis. Recently, Sal served as a juror for the Indie Game Awards at Taipei Game Show 2020. A geek and hardcore gamer, Sal will play everything, on any platform.