Live out your dreams of attaining a medical degree in the upcoming Dr. Mario World! Announced by Nintendo in January, the game plays out differently from other re-iterations of Dr. Mario.

Check out the game’s latest gameplay teaser here:

Take on the role of Dr. Mario to defeat viruses in a Tetris-style puzzle game! Players will have to solve the puzzles given to them using the capsules that they have, by dragging capsules over to viruses of the matching colour. In order to clear the stage, players will have to defeat all the viruses in the level without running out of capsules.

Of course, capsules aren’t the only thing that players can use to defeat these viruses! There are items in each stage that will assist players in taking out larger numbers of viruses. That, and upon filling up a skill meter, players will be able to unleash a stronger skill to eliminate more viruses.

An example of items in a stage. / Nintendo

Fans don’t have to worry about being stuck on one character, either. Players will be able to use coins, or diamonds (paid in-game currency) to purchase new characters to use. These new characters will each have unique skills that only they can use, which gives players the incentive to buy them, if not for the fact that they’re your favourite characters.

The current lineup of doctors. We assume more will come in the future! / Nintendo

It seems like players have tons to look forward to in terms of content, as well! To start, the game will have 5 different worlds available for players to traverse through, with more to come in the future. Unfortunately, the game requires a heart to start a stage, which means that players will not be able to consecutively play levels unless they purchase more.

Dr. Mario World will be launching on both iOS and Android devices on July 10. If you’re eager to play, pre-registrations for the game have already begun on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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