You might remember the existence of a game named Journey: A charming role-playing game where you hop around and explore a desert as a traveller who only communicates through chimes and hums. Since the success of Journey back in 2012, developers thatgamecompany have yet to come out with another game title.

Until now, that is.

Check out the gorgeous trailer for their upcoming game, Sky: Children of the Light, here:

What’s Sky about?

Sky: Children of the Light follows the aesthetic look and feel of Journey, in that it’s a game more focused on exploration, and non-linear storytelling. The puzzles that the player must solve throughout the game are simple, but what makes it charming is the interactions between the characters along the way.

These interactions are emphasised even further in Sky, as more people get to play the game together. While co-op was available in Journey (up to two people), Sky takes multiplayer play even further by allowing up to 8 people to play together, at the same time. This was done with the intention to bring people and/or families closer through gaming.

8 players flying together in Sky. / thatgamecompany

That’s not to say that the game won’t be enjoyable, even if you’re playing alone. In Sky, players will venture throughout a fantasy world where light has disappeared. Players will have to spread light across the many realms.

Of course, there’s incentives for players to work together as well. The games main currency is candles, and players will be able to spend these candles on new, interactive emotes – allowing you to hold hands with, or hug, another player. On a whole, it sounds like a charming game! We can’t wait to see how Sky turns out.

Sky: Children of the Light will release on iOS and Apple TV this year. While no release date has been confirmed for Android and other platforms, we’re sure they’ll follow soon after.

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