Just yesterday, a new trailer was revealed for the upcoming fourth season of popular action anime My Hero Academia. The new season will premiere in Japan on October 12.

Check out the new teaser, featuring all-new heroes and villains, here:

Hype! Fans of the series definitely have tons to look forward to in this upcoming season. After all, fans who read the manga would know that one of the series’ most intense arcs takes place within this season. Intense, in the sense of the action that will take place, as well as the developments between, and growth of, fan-favourite characters.

Fans can definitely look forward to seeing more of three characters that were teased towards the end of the last season – namely, the Big Three of the UA. Comprising of Mirio, Tamajiki and Nejire (pictured below in this order), fans will surely have fun watching them shine this season!

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That’s not all, either. Fans will also be glad to know that some of their favourite heroes will be in the spotlight this season. Kirishima in particular has a great character development arc this season, taking part in (arguably) one of the best fights in the series.

Of course, when you think of heroes, you can’t forget about villains, either. Both old and new villains will have the chance to show off their quirks as well! Overall, it’s bound to be an exciting new season.

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Fans of the Shounen genre will be glad to know that My Hero Academia isn’t the only series getting a new season, either. Season 4 of popular culinary anime Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma has also been confirmed to air in October this year.

My Hero Academia, as well as Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, is streaming on Netflix. Catch up with the previous seasons if you haven’t!

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