Sometimes you just need to kill a bit of time. Maybe you’re bored, maybe you want to procrastinate on something, maybe you just have itchy fingers and you want something to play with. Here’s a charming solution to that problem – in the form of a mini-game from today’s Google Doodle, commemorating the Fourth of July.

How does it work?

Adorably titled “Batter Up”, the game’s premise is simple. You’re cast as a random food item, ranging from sweet treats like ice cream and watermelon, to saltier fare like pretzels, who’s a batter in a baseball game. You just have to hit whatever’s being pitched at you, by a pitcher, who’s a peanut that’s wearing a funky-looking cap. All you need to do is click on the blue icon, to swing your bat when the time is right.


While the controls are simple, the game’s difficulty comes in other aspects. As a batter, you literally only have three tries in total to hit the ball, no matter how many home runs you make. That, and the pitchers show no mercy. Watch out for colour changes in the hat that the pitcher wears, because that means a tricky throw is coming your way. Without spoiling the minigame too much – just be wary of when the cap turns red.

Apart from that, the game is generally quite forgiving – you get to progress as long as you hit something. It’s easy to get used to, and the unexpected gimmicks thrown at you (literally) in the form of odd baseball throws are a fun challenge to deal with. Plus, the art for this Google doodle is so charming! It has a vintage feel to it, and the depictions of food are adorable.

Commemorative cards for the Google Doodle. / Google

If you’ve got a little time to spare, go give Batter Up a swing! Don’t forget to challenge your friends while you’re at it, too.

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