It’s been awhile but Bandai Namco’s finally revealed the long awaited release date for Code Vein.

It’s coming September 27 2019…which is still a few months off. Admittedly, after the Xbox One network test last month we were expecting it to come in July or August.

Still, September is better than October and any extra time is forgivable if it means extra polish that results in a better game in the end.

Here’s the release date trailer in case you were wondering.

If you’ve no idea what the game is, it’s a third person action adventure in the vein (heh) of Dark Souls, coupled with an anime art style that’s reminiscent of God Eater.

Oh and everybody’s a vampire. Yeah, that should explain all the eat or be eaten stuff that’s in the trailer.

Code Vein’s coming to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One when it releases in September.

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