E3 is next week and things are heating up for what is one of the biggest weeks in the industry. As press and companies hunker down to reveal what’s coming for the next few months (and sometimes years), teases and leaks come out of the woodwork.

This latest piece of info isn’t a leak, it comes straight from the horse’s mouth, though in a roundabout way.

On Capcom Unity (the official Capcom English blog), Capcom’s Yuri Araojo’s detailed all of Capcom’s plans for E3.

To nobody’s surprise, it’s pretty much everything Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. There’s some Street Fighter squeaked in here and there, but nobody’s going to be mistaking where Capcom has their priorities.

No, the surprise comes in right at the end of the blog.

This wraps up what we can share for now… but like I said, stay tuned for updates in the coming days (especially on June 6th) and photos from our booth (South Hall #2323) as E3 2019 kicks off on Tuesday, June 11th.

Yuri Araujo, Capcom Unity

‘Especially on June 6th’.

What is on June 6 you ask?

Google’s having a special Stadia Connect stream.

Yeah, we’ll just leave you to make the connection.

Capcom’s been having an incredible year, with three massive hits under the belt already. Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter World have all been tremendous hits for the company, with Monster Hunter outperforming everything the company’s ever put out.

It’s definitely within the realm of possibility that Google would want all (or any) of those big guns on its platform too. After all what way to legitimize the platform than by having legitimate hits on it?

I guess we’ll just see on June 6 (or June 7 if you’re local).

Incidentally, if you want to catch Google’s Stadia Connect livestream, it’s at 12am (GMT +8), Friday June 7. You can catch it on Youtube, or by playing the embedded video stream above.

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