In a short ~15 minute presentation, Nintendo has managed to cram a lot of information about the release of the next Pokémon game, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here, we’ll give you guys a quick rundown on what’s coming if you are somehow unable to watch the presentation yourself.

You can also check out their archived livestream via the following link:

Dynamax battle mechanic revealed

First up, we have the reveal of new battle mechanic named “Dynamax” battles that see Pokémon grow massively in size in a battle. This is probably a similar mechanic to the mega evolutions we’ve seen introduced in Pokémon X/Y although this comes with a caveat of only lasting 3 turns.

In this mode, the Pokémon is enlarged into enormous proportions that will most likely see them with increased buffs and attacks that aren’t detailed as of yet. Interestingly, this mechanic will not be restricted to certain types of Pokémon like mega evolutions from previous generations. In the trailer we can see even “common” Pokémon like Dugtrio being able to enter this state.

Max Raid battle revealed

In an effort to push more cooperative play into the Pokémon series, up to 4 players can now team up in the game to go up against in what is commonly described in MMO terms as “raid bosses/battles”; with 4 trainers battling a giant Dynamax mode Pokémon with the ability to be captured upon winning the battle.

The presenter also noted that only certain, Max Raid battle only Pokémon will be able to be caught this way, exclusive to this battle mode; though it is not mentioned if this could be done in a single player manner.

Sword and Shield legendary doggos announced

In a move that will definitely see the “Red” version of a particular game massively outsell its “Blue” counterpart, we have a short trailer reveal of the Sword and Shield legendries.

First up we have Zacian, the “sword doggo” Pokemon that looks awfully familiar for those that have played a certain famous Japanese ARPG.

 Next up, we have the less awesome looking “shield doggo” Pokemon, Zamazenta, that definitely looks nowhere near as cool as a dog with a giant hecking sword.

No details have been announced as to the elemental type of the Pokemon or how the player will be able to encounter them in the game. I believe this is the second time Nintendo has used dog-like Pokemon for their set of legendries; The first, of course, being in the 2nd generation trio of Raikou, Entei and Suicune.

Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch bundle announced

What’s more, like the previous release of Pokémon X/Y, Nintendo has also announced a double bundle consisting of both Sword and Shield games along with a Nintendo Switch system. I’m going to take a very safe guess that they’ll be special editions of the Nintendo Switch that will have some flavourful accents like we’ve seen in the 3DSs of yore (I myself have the one from the ZELDA BUNDURUUU).

Although no pricing has been announced for the bundle, expect Nintendo to once again charge an arm and leg for something that will definitely be in any Pokémon collector’s collection.

Release dates announced for Sword and Shield

Last but not least, the release date has also been announced. Not surprisingly, Pokémon Sword and Shield will hit stores worldwide on 15th November 2019 for the year-end holiday season.


New battle mechanics are always welcome to see in a Pokémon game as I feel like it definitely adds some flavour to the age-old formula of being the very best, like no one ever was. I would’ve like to see this game get released before the previous Gen 1 remake but hey, I get that Nintendo is trying to attract new, younger players into the series.

The wild card for me is certainly the transition into the fully-realized 3D version of Pokémon; It might just be nostalgia speaking but there has always been a certain charm with the fixed-camera perspective of all the games from before.

Still, I would definitely be picking this one up because its God.Damn.Pokemon and as such, is my duty as a game player to do so.

On a side note, its unfortunate that we didn’t get any info on Pokemon Masters, that new Pokemon game on mobile, which was said to have more details within this event; still, I believe this is low priority against news of the main series anyway.

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