It’s June, which means it’s Pride season! For the unacquainted, Pride Month happens every June in commemoration of the Stonewall riots, which inspired Pride marches in the first place. Now, pride events are generally held in June worldwide, to celebrate or to show support to the LGBT.

Some companies choose to capitalise on Pride and create rainbow-themed items in order to generate more profits, while some do so in order to donate to charities that help the LGBT. It’s hard to tell which companies genuinely wish to help the LGBT, which is why we’re listing a couple of them down in this article.

1. Ikea

To celebrate Pride Month, IKEA will be selling a limited-edition rainbow version of its trademark kvanting shopping bag.

As pictured. / Ikea US

This limited edition bag will be retailing for $3.99, and all proceeds from its sales will be going to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRCF) as part of their partnership with IKEA. These funds will be used to support the HRCF’s causes and programs, which support LGBT+ children, youth and families.

2. H&M

Popular fashion brand H&M is taking part in this year’s Pride festivities as well, with their 2019 campaign titled “Stay True, Stay You”.

Promotional image for H&M’s Stay True, Stay You Pride campaign.

With ambassadors that are either queer or allies, the campaign aims to celebrate love, equality and togetherness. Items such as bags, socks, shirts and jackets are on sale as part of the campaign – some of which can be seen in H&M’s promotional images (and videos!).

10% of the global sales price from the collection will be donated to the United Nations’ Free & Equal Campaign. Hopefully that means that H&M will be making its pride collection available in stores worldwide. In the meantime, the collection can be found online here.

3. Converse

As an annual participant in Pride Month and supporter of the LGBT, Converse has released a new collection to commemorate Pride 2019.

One of the sneaker designs in Converse’s 2019 Pride collection.

Items on sale range from shirts and caps, to classic Converse sneakers – both high-cut and low-cut. While most of the items carry the standard rainbow motifs (representative of the gay flag), certain items include colour palettes from the transsexual flag as well!

What’s more, all proceeds from the sale of these items go to several organisations, including It Gets Better and OUT Metrowest. Check out the full collection here.

These are all companies that can be found in Singapore. While we’re not sure if these companies will be rolling out their Pride campaigns in Singapore, seeing as how conservative Singapore is, it doesn’t hurt to keep a lookout anyway! Otherwise, if you’d really like to donate this Pride Month, you could always try to order these items online.

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