Apple’s rapid barrage of announcements at their WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) left many in the crowds breathless and clutching their wallets.

It’s like watching somebody get hit by Kenshin’s Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki, except every hit is from an Apple related reveal.

The biggest blow of the all? The reveal of the gorgeous Pro Display XDR. First the display wowed us all, then Apple knocked us off our chairs when it was revealed the stand was an additional USD$1000 add-on.

The stand in question. Is it worth USD$1,000 to you?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…there’s a ton of other announcements from WWDC that we just don’t have the manpower to cover.

Still, we understand you guys want to read up on them, so that’s why we’re redirecting you to Engadget’s awesome summary article, with the lowdown on everything that happened at the conference.

Engadget’s comprehensive summary covers everything that went down, meaning you get everything Apple announced, in one handy post.

Thanks Engadget!

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