If you’re looking for game recommendations to kill time before Nintendo drops their new Pokemon games, you’re in luck! Here’s a couple of mobile games, from Japan, that we think are worth trying.

Note that all these games involve a “gacha” mechanic. In other words, to obtain stronger characters, you have to take part in a random draw using in-game currency (that takes longer to obtain if you’re not paying real money for it). In most cases, whether you’ll get the character you desire or a super rare character in general, really just depends on luck.

1. Fate/ Grand Order

Based on the “Fate” anime series, Fate/ Grand Order (abbreviated as FGO) is a game with characters from the “Fate” (or TYPE-MOON) visual novels and anime. However, it’s easy for newcomers to pick up as well, as FGO’s story differs from these other sources.

Available on both Android and iOS, it’s a game with an interesting story (told in the style of a visual novel) and unique playstyle. FGO combines the elements of turn-based battles and card-based strategy games. Players can command their characters (based off monumental figures in history) to perform up to 5 attacks per turn through a card-game-like system.

Like so.

2. Dragalia Lost

One of Nintendo’s original mobile games released in 2018, Dragalia Lost has a unique gameplay style that combines elements across genres. For one, apart from the game’s main storyline (involving more dragons than Game of Thrones), players can also manage and build their own towns for added buffs in game.

For another, Dragalia Lost doesn’t have the standard turn-based combat system found in J-RPGs. Instead, players swipe at their screens to control their characters, and tap on the screen to rain attacks on enemies. Players can even turn their characters into dragons as a deadly finishing move!

With a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics and a ridiculously catchy soundtrack, Dragalia Lost is a game that’s charming and easy to get into. Get it on iOS or on Android!

3. Granblue Fantasy

Though this game’s not available on the App Store or the Play Store (for Singapore, at least, unless you use a proxy app), it’s definitely one that’s worth checking out! Granblue Fantasy is a full-fledged fantasy RPG with stunning art, varying classes and charming characters to partner up with, journey through the skies with your crew members as you progress through the game’s main questline.

As the game is wildly popular in Japan, there are crossover collaborations with series from time to time! Just last year, there was a collaboration with Persona 5, wherein players could recruit Joker to join their crew.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Granblue Fantasy can be accessed and played via Google Chrome here.

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