Every beginning has an end. For John Rambo, that might just be in Rambo: Last Blood.

If there’s anybody in the whole world that doesn’t need any introduction, that’d person would definitely be John Rambo.

Apart from being the stereotypical action icon of the 80s, Rambo is also the undisputed highest body count mass murderer in celluloid history. With his 503 kills, even legendary gunman John ‘Baba Yaga’ Wick has some ground to gain to overtake Rambo.

Oh wait…did we say 503 kills? Scratch that.

That number’s much higher now…and that’s just from the trailer. Who know what the final body count will be by the time the movie ends.

We might be wrong, but after going after corrupt, overzealous policemen, the Vietcong, Soviet soldiers and the Tatmadaw, Rambo’s latest (and perhaps final) targets may be a Mexican cartel. It sure looks like it from the trailer.

Whether that’s true (hell, he could be fighting against disgruntled armed hipsters for all we know), we can all find out together when Rambo: Last Blood hits theaters on September 20 2019.

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