If you had to pick 3 Avengers to make up your Avengers Dream Team, who would you pick?

Everybody has favourites. With a franchise like the Avengers, it’s inevitable that people will have their own preference. Debating the merits of Captain America over Iron Man or who would win in a fight between Hulk and Thor? What we’re saying is, it’s hard to choose from the list…especially since the roster keeps expanding.

Who would you choose? Or better yet, who would the people behind Avengers: Endgame choose?

Now we know.

Courtesy of ESPN (and Matthew Berry), the whole world now knows who Robert Downey Jr and the Russos would pick.

For Robert Downey Jr, it’s a team you’d not expect. He doesn’t choose Iron Man AT ALL, he basically ignores most of the Avengers’ powerhouses and instead picks some rather exotic choices. We’re not going to spoil who he picks, but none of them are your traditional Avengers.

For us, it’d probably be Thor, Iron Man and Doctor Strange. Thor’s the powerhouse, Iron Man’s the genius and Strange covers everything else.

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