Newly announced on Wednesday is Playdate – a handheld game console with a black and white screen. Playdate is set to launch in 2020 at the price of $149, with a library of 12 games along with the hardware.

Playdate is no regular game console, either! The device itself comes with a crank that flips out from its side, which manufacturers Panic claim will “put a whole new spin on games”.

Photo Credit: Panic

Both literally and metaphorically, it seems – on Panic’s website, the crank is shown to be used to control an on-screen character. However, not all games will use the crank. Some games will exclusively use the crank, and some games will not use it at all.

Product Specifications

Apart from those unique features, Playdate itself is tiny! The device measures 74 x 76 x 9mm, with a 2.7-inch display. Controls for the device appear to be two buttons (A and B) and a D-Pad. Playdate also comes with a multitude of functions – Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, a headphone jack, and a USB-C port for battery charging.

Photo Credit: Panic

As for the games that come with the device, no concrete details have been released yet. All that is known so far is that the 12 games will be released on a weekly basis, and that they are designed to surprise and delight players.

Apart from that, the games are designed by the likes of Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy), Bennett Foddy, (QWOP) and Shaun Inman (The Last Rocket). They’re sure to be entertaining!

“There’s so much more to come,” adds Panic, “Playdate is alive with possibilities and surprises, future games, and new ways to make them. We’ll have even more to talk about at launch.”

Compact, creative and undeniably unique – we can’t wait to see what Playdate has to offer! We’re looking forward to the games that will be coming with this neat little console.

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