Nvidia recently released a teaser via their official YouTube channel with a cryptic 3D render of the words ‘super’. At this point, speculations are wild about what it could be; you can see the teaser below:


What we do know

Judging by the context of the video, it definitely has something to do with a gaming-related product. Nvidia has chosen to release this in the “Nvidia GeForce” sister channel which indicates that this at least got to be gaming related.

Nvidia Titan Successor

Probability: 10%

Hey, we’ve all been thinking about this possibility. However, do note that we have yet to see any kind of leaks regarding any potentially new chip coming from Nvidia after the Titan XP. Perhaps it could be a new moniker or rebranding of sorts much like we’ve seen Nvidia transitioning from using GTX to RTX, but I’d rate this as a slim chance.

New Nvidia Shield

Probability: 25%

Since releasing the original Nvidia shield back in 2015, it is high time for another hardware upgrade to both the design and horsepower of the system. Perhaps this time with the advent of cloud streaming becoming more of a thing, we might see an AI driven image compression technique (much like DLSS on RTX cards) being added to something like the Nvidia shield to lower bandwidth requirements for cloud streaming; something that will entice mobile users to use their limited data for gaming on the cloud.

Dedicated AI compute GPU

Probability: 30%

I take this as the complete wild card of the few possibilities but it actually makes sense; hear me out. Nvidia previously had a niche use for old GTX graphics cards, computing game physics. At one point, Nvidia Physx was a demanding feature to run even for their top end GPUs, frequently suffering from pretty bad performance penalties. At the time, Nvidia introduced the capability to offload this computing to a secondary GTX GPU which enabled gamers to run cross-vendor GPU setups.

With the move, nvidia can further increase tensor flow market share by enabling AMD users an option to use these features as well.

I think ‘Super’ here implies not only excellence by definition, but also an actual game changer with regards to adoption rates; not to mention, the hordes of users still holding on to their pascal counterparts now has a chance to possibly get this feature for less than the price of the RTX cards (which makes more sense from Nvidia previously to introduce some RTX capabilities for Pascal cards, despite being woefully bad performance wise).

Let us know your thoughts!

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