If you haven’t grabbed copies of some of your favourite Telltale Games from GOG, it might just be your last chance to do so. Telltale Games’ remaining games catalog will be de-listed from the digital store, GOG, on Monday, May 27. This move follows an announcement from GOG themselves, which can be found here.

Which games are still up?

While some of Telltale Games’ titles have already previously been removed, there are still a couple left on GOG. Under the announcement link we’ve provided above, one of GOG’s users has compiled links to all of these games on GOG’s store.

The available game titles are as follows:

  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Hector’s Badge of Carnage
  • Batman: A Telltale Games Series
  • Batman The Enemy Within: The Telltale Series
  • Sam and Max: Save the World
  • Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space
  • Puzzle Agent
  • Puzzle Agent 2
  • Tales From The Borderlands

If you’ve bought any of Telltale Games’ titles before their de-listing, be it these games or those that have already been removed, fret not! The games will remain in your GOG library. They just won’t be available for purchase for the foreseeable future.

Why is this happening?

As you might already know, Telltale Games’ had their studio closed last year, in 2018. In other words, the publisher and developers of these games is gone. It’s why there probably won’t be a sale on these games, despite them getting de-listed: because the company behind them has already gone out of business.

In the meantime, the rights of these games will most likely go back to owners of their major franchises – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to Disney, for example. Whether these games will ever be listed for sale again, be it on GOG or any other digital storefront, will be dependant on the new owner of the game’s rights.

For this reason, if you’re keen on the games that are still on sale now, it’s probably best to get them before they’re gone! After all, who knows when they’ll be available again?

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