If you want to advertise your game, what better way is there to recreate an icon from the game into real life? In this case, we have the bike ridden by the main protagonist of the game, Decan Saint John. The bike in-game carries a very rustic and “scrapped together” look that goes well with the setting of the game which the team in Denmark faithfully recreates.

You can watch their progress in a short episode format right below:

The team is not only tasked with finishing this in a short amount of time given, but also to of course, capture the look and feel of the bike in its essence. They have chosen to use scrap material/parts from a scrapyard in order to achieve the look as it was in the game.

“Creating Deacon’s trusty bike takes more than just a coat of paint. It has to be quick, reliable and versatile — a last resort when everything takes a turn for the worse and freakers are pouring in from everywhere.

To make matters even more stressful, the team only had 48 hours to turn an old wreck of a bike into the kind of machine that keeps Deacon from suffering a gruesome, painful death. The team spent day and night in the garage, tailoring the motorcycle to fit the needs of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.”

PlayStation Blog

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