Ghost Recon Wildlands released more than two years ago, on March 7 2017 but it still shows no sign of slowing down, with its newest content, Operation Oracle.

To top off the Year 2 celebrations for the game, Ubisoft’s released a set of new single player missions called Operation Oracle. Free content is always good, but this one comes as a major surprise since Ubisoft’s kept pretty mum about it.

Yep, that’s Jon Bernthal (aka Netflix’s The Punisher) all right. Too bad he doesn’t play the character in Ghost Recon too.

Not only is Operation Oracle a free single player content add-on, it’s also a pretty important mission, as it’s hinting of what’s to come for the next game. That’s good enough for us to grab our gear and head on back to Bolivia, but what’s even more interesting is that the Punisher himself (Jon Bernthal) plays another Ghost team leader in the missions.

Chances are the next game will heavily feature Bernthal’s Cole D. Walker character, if not have him as its star. That’s good since from what we’ve seen, Bernthal brings the right amount of grit (and we like his voice acting) to the character.

If you’re wondering what’s next for the Ghosts, you’ll want to play Operation Oracle.

Don’t have Ghost Recon Wildlands? You’re in luck, since Ubisoft’s having a free play weekend for Ghost Recon Wildlands until May 5. The free play weekend’s available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players, so nobody’s left out.

Now here’s an extra special bit…there might be more reveals coming next week. We’ve finished the operation, and one of the rewards you get is this nifty little nugget, found in the Kingslayer Files.

Tune in next week, we guess?

It’s pointing to a fictional website for Skell Technology’s Skellcon. From what we’ve gleaned from Operation Oracle, Skell Technologies (and its founder) might just be the next big bad threat you’ll have to face.

The big reveal’s coming on May 9 1130hrs PST, which is May 10 0230hrs (GMT +8) for us in Singapore. You can bet we’re going to be tuning in to find out more.

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