Doujin Market (abbreviated as “Doujima”) is happening this weekend! An annual event where artists sell fan-made goods and original merchandise, it’s pretty much an art market. That is, one geared towards fans of anime, manga, games and even comics.

Generally, the merchandise that is sold varies from artist to artist. A good way of knowing what will be on sale is by checking hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, as these artists will upload catalogues listing out the items they’ll be selling.

An example of an artist’s catalogue.

Event Details

Doujima will be held at Halls 401-402 of Suntec’s Exhibition and Convention Centre, and will be open from 12-8pm on 4th and 5th May. Last entry is at 7.30pm, and general admission is free!

If you’re really eager to get your hands on merchandise that might be popular, go down early! Before you enter the convention hall, there are compulsory bag checks – so expect the queue for entry to take a while.

An image of last year’s queue. As you can tell, it stretches far. // Photo Credit: Doujin Market – Doujima, on Facebook.

Alternatively, if you’re keen on attending the event for both days and have a bit of extra cash to spare, you could fork out $15 for a Fast Pass. Fast Pass holders get to beat the queue and enter the event earlier (11am), and will also have priority on re-entry into the event.

Other Event Activities

If you’re not the kind who’s interested in shopping for fanmade goods, don’t fret! There are other activities going on at Doujin Market at well, such as workshops for aspiring artists and members of the public, hosted by seasoned artists and writers.

Fans of tabletop games and board games can also take part in the event’s Tabletop Playspace, where analog game designers and developers can showcase their work, and like-minded fans and enthusiasts can meet.

Plus, Doujima is technically still an event that people can cosplay at, even though it’s warned against because of how crowded the event can get. If you’re lucky, you might spot someone cosplaying your favourite character(s)!

All in all, there’s definitely something for everyone at Doujin Market. Drop by if you’re free,

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