Most people might not be acquainted with the presence of “nerdier” events in Singapore. Even if you wouldn’t really consider yourself as a “nerd”, or you’re just passing by, these events are still worth checking out! That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 local events or conventions you have to check out in 2019, in chronological order.

1. Doujin Market

Photo Credit: Doujin Market – Doujima, Facebook

Hosted annually since 2014, Doujin Market (“Doujima” for short) is an event with booths manned entirely by aspiring artists.

These artists tend to sell fanart of popular series (not just limited to anime!), or original self-made merchandise. Though most events have booths with artists selling their merchandise, Doujima undoubtedly has the largest number of booths.

This year’s Doujin Market is happening this weekend, on 4-5 May! Admission is free, and it’s open from 12pm – 7pm at Halls 401-402 ofSuntec City’s Convention and Exhibition Centre.

2. Cosfest

Photo Credit: Cosfest, Facebook

One of the few events in Singapore held specifically for cosplay! Each year’s Cosfest has a different theme for cosplayers to follow, though they’re still free to cosplay whoever they’d like to.

This year’s theme is A Link to Your Fantasy, and all event activities, as well as the event’s cosplay competition, will be following this given theme.

Cosfest will be happening on 20 – 21 July 2019, at Downtown East’s D’Marquee. Admission is free!

3. GameStart

Photo Credit: Gamestart Asia, Facebook

While we’ve mentioned events specifically catered towards artists and cosplayers, here’s one for the gamers! Hosting eSports competitions, as well as previews or releases for card games, board games and video games, there’s definitely tons to see!

GameStart will be held on 12-13 October 2019, at Halls 401-403 of Suntec City’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. Unfortunately, this year’s admission details have not been released yet. Based on past years, though: cosplayers get free entry, and a regular ticket costs about $12.

4. Singapore Comic-Con

Photo Credit: Singapore Comic Con – SGCC, Facebook

If you’re a fan of comics, or you’re big on Marvel and DC, then Singapore Comic Con is the event for you! A majority of the booths, especially bigger exhibitors, tend to showcase items that are related to comics.

Not much details have been released on this event though. All we know is that it’ll be happening in December 2019 at Marina Bay Sands’ Expo and Convention Center.

5. C3 Anime Festival Asia (AFA)

Photo Credit: AFA – Anime Festival Asia, Facebook

The one and the only. Most local anime fans would know of this event, and for a good reason. AFA is undoubtedly Singapore’s biggest anime convention, and arguably one of the biggest in Southeast Asia!

With tons of official booths to visit and merchandise to snag, it’s no wonder that the event gains a large number of visitors every year. To top it all off, the event hosts concerts at night, with famous artistes from Japan! (Though of course, you would have to pay extra for that.)

AFA 2018’s concert lineup! /
Photo Credit: AFA – Anime Festival Asia, Facebook

C3 Anime Festival Asia will be happening on 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2019, at Suntec City’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. Ticketing details aren’t confirmed yet, and will likely be released around October.

If you’re a fan of anime, comics, or games, or simply have an interest in attending one of these events, take the time to drop by! It makes for a fun and unique experience, especially if you go with a friend.

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