Xbox lead and Microsoft spokesperson Phil Spencer has recently tweeted a picture of the Project xCloud team celebrating a developmental milestone that the team has achieved internally. There is also a quote within the tweet suggesting that Project xCloud is indeed coming in some form to the public this year as a trial.

Phil Spencer also mentioned in the tweet that they have finally finished a ‘take home’ build of the project. This could mean that Microsoft employees could now connect to the game-streaming service in some way outside of their offices in working fashion.

It remains to be seen if the increased usage internally would lead to any kind of performance or statistical leaks ahead of the public testing phase being conducted this year.

You can watch their platform introduction here:

Now I’ve already spoken my fair share of skepticism around the concept of cloud gaming in general in my articles so I won’t dwell on it too much here.

Though looking at the platform introduction for the first time, it confirms my suspicion that Project xCloud is indeed a test bed to capture more market share in the non-gaming peasant population in words best described as a quote of “hey gaming seems fun! Maybe I should buy a console” kind of way.

Again, expect more to come in the following month on June 10th on their E3 conference. I’m sure Microsoft will have a segment dedicated solely to cloud gaming in the show.

Via Notebookcheck & WindowsCentral

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