League of Legends’ latest addition to its roster of Champions is a support in the form of a magical cat. Yes, you read that right! Yuumi is a magical cat, searching for her owner. Said owner happens to be an enchantress that was a keeper of a spellbook, that Yuumi is now the guardian of.

Check out Yuumi’s new Champion teaser here:

More About Yuumi’s Skills

Like most supports in League, Yuumi’s skills allow her to buff and heal the allies in her lane. However, what makes Yuumi unique is her ability that allows her to attach herself to her teammates.

It’s a strange, but powerful ability – when Attached, Yuumi is basically invulnerable towards everything except tower damage. Of course, the ally she’s attached to gains from this arrangement as well! If she’s Attached to an ally, Yuumi’s ally will gain the effects of her spells instead.

For example: Yuumi’s passive, Bop n’ Block, grants her a shield and restores mana when she attacks. The shield protects either her, or the ally that she’s attached to, until it’s broken. Similarly, one of her other skills, Zoomies, allows Yuumi to heal and gain a burst of movement speed. When attached to an ally, her ally will receive the heal and buff in her stead.

Yuumi’s attaching skill in action! / Riot Games, Giphy

Of course, this Attaching ability makes Yuumi a Support Champion that’s meant to be easy to use for newer players. After all, by staying attached to other players, it’s easy to observe how they time their attacks and skills!

This was Riot Games’ intention as well, mentioning that her skills provide players with “a great way to be engaged in the game, while also having some time to take a breath and understand what’s going on around them”.

Yuumi is slated to officially be added into League of Legends on 14 May, 2019.

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