It seems that from a recent release of Mozilla’s support documentation, Mozilla is planning to drop support for Firefox for Android (codenamed Fennec), which is their primary release for Android devices.

According to the document, Fennec will be moving to EOL support this year but will be continued to be supported throughout 2019 under their “Extended Service Release” status, a package release update that will still contain minor updates to the current browser.

As other sites have reported, this seems to be an effort from Mozilla to concentrate their resources on developing a brand-new platform, codenamed Fenix, that could hopefully increase their mobile browser market share from the likes of Opera and Google Chrome for Android.

It is likely that Fenix will be set to release sometime soon before ESR support ends for Fennec so that the torch will be passed to Fenix as their primary mobile browser.

Feature support

Here is to hoping that the new browser will keep the key features that made it stand out of popular browsers like Google Chrome such as support for Add-Ons (who can live without the likes of ABP these days?) and user script injections.

Via Notebookcheck & Mozilla support documentation

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