I know, I don’t usually post any kind of photography related news or rumors on this site. But I think sometimes exceptions have to be made for things that are more ‘interesting’ than the norm.

According to PhotoRumors as reported on their site, their source from Chinese micro blogging site Weibo claims to have found documentation for a canon sensor with the model name 35MM63MCSCD that claims to have a Full-frame photo density of 9740×6504 which equates to 63.34-megapixels.

While I wouldn’t consider a blog to be the best and most reliable place to get such information, the timeline seems to fit with the release/refresh window that Canon usually replaces their products in.

Usually, a product is only refreshed by Canon every 4 years or so; 2019 will mark the 4th year that the flagship consumer DSLR from Canon, the 5DS R has been released into the market. 63.34 MP would be an incremental improvement over the 50.6 MP sensor that Canon is using currently so this rumor might actually hold some water.

Here are some things that Canon really should consider putting into their flagship products this time:

4k video… for real this time

I don’t understand why it is such a technical challenge for Canon to release a consumer grade camera with at least 4k 30 fps recording with no crop. Your competitors can do it at the price point, there is really no reason not to have it in a consumer camera that already costs a couple thousand dollars; Not even diehard Canon fanboys will be willing to spend another couple thousand more just to get your flagship professional series cameras to get that feature vs just buying another camera body from another manufacturer.

In-body Stabilization

With Sony and their release of the mirrorless Alpha series camera that provided in-body stabilization, I feel like it’s time for Canon to step up and do the same. Many venerable Canon lenses that are the bread and butter of every Photographer such as the very capable 24-70mm f2.8 L II lens have no image stabilization to speak of. Providing this feature will be a huge boon for people shooting in low light situations, a traditional weak spot of Canon sensors.

Dual-Pixel AF that works in all modes

I think this deserves special mention because according to many sources and reviews, this fantastic AF system just simply isn’t available in certain video modes on the EOS R/RP despite it being a strong point on Canon bodies when it comes to focusing. As a consumer I do not see why this should be a hard thing for Canon engineers to achieve.

Via Notebookcheck & PhotoRumors

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