Yes, you read that right. FREE bubble tea, Singapore’s favourite drink and food fad, with Milo and foods topped with salted egg coming in close second places. What’s more, it’s free Gong Cha bubble tea! Most bubble tea enthusiasts would recognise that Gong Cha is one of the pricier, yet good, bubble tea chains here in Singapore, so this is Big.

Details on the Giveaway?

This free bubble tea event is part of Deliveroo’s campaign to promote Food Freedom – to deliver food to hungry customers, anytime and anywhere! Of course, that includes bubble tea.

Deliveroo and Gongcha are being pretty generous with their giveaway too! You’re allowed to choose your own toppings – ranging from the usual black pearls, to Gong Cha’s latest addition, strawberry pearls! Can’t imagine how that would taste, but it sounds pretty good.

It’s important to note that the bubble tea being given out, will have fixed sugar levels of 30%. This is because the milk tea will be dispensed out of a 3-meter high tower, which makes it impossible to customise your sugar levels. If having your bubble tea sweeter is your preference, you’ll probably have to bring your own extra pack of sugar.

Don’t forget to download the Deliveroo app beforehand, though! You’ll need to have the app downloaded if you want to claim your free drink.

How can I get my free bubble tea?

National Bubble Tea Day falls on the 30th of April. That’s the date the event will be happening on, from 11.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. at One Raffles Place!

You can queue from anytime within that time period, but expect there to be crowds during peak hours, such as during lunch hour, or after work. 30th April is a Tuesday, though, so hopefully there won’t be as many people queueing!

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