I paid a visit to Level-Up the other day – Singapore’s first arcade bar, and one of its only few. Having been around for awhile now, it’s arguably the most well-known arcade bar in Singapore.

Getting There

Locating the bar itself is pretty easy, for it’s situated at Clarke Quay – a hotspot for bars. Once you’re in the area, you’ll be able to spot the bar’s signs, hanging around where Level-Up is located. A couple of steps from those signs is a lift and staircase lobby. Go up to the second floor, by whichever method you prefer (the stairs have game-themed graffiti, though!), and you’ll be greeted by the bar’s entrance.

Level-Up Itself

It’s an arcade bar, so as you’d expect an arcade to be, it’s pretty noisy and lively. Loud music blaring, mixed with the sounds of people playing games – ranging from 8-Ball Pool and beer pong, to Bishi Bashi machines and racing games by the entrance.

You can see the racing machines and Bishi Bashi machines here! There was a Marvel vs Capcom arcade game in the corner too.

Further in the bar, there’s dart machines set up, a shooting game in the corner, a claw machine, one of those arcade games that you punch to measure your strength, and a couple of basketball machines. In other words, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of games.

The menu has a lot of food and drink options to choose from too! It’s meant to be a bar that’s kid-friendly, so don’t be too surprised if you see kids playing some of the arcade machines there.

I chose to get their Milo Dino. For those unacquainted with the term, a Milo Dino is a chocolate milk drink made using Milo powder, with more Milo powder piled on top. A local favourite with an alcoholic twist – this one had vodka mixed in!

The vodka was more of a burning aftertaste, though. If you’re not really a fan of alcohol’s bitter taste, but you still want to drink, this is a pretty good option.

Each drink order comes with 2 tokens. One game requires 4 tokens, though. Unless you’re willing to pay for tokens (they go at $2 for 2 tokens), drag your friends to the bar and split for food and drinks!

Overall, it’s a pretty good place to go for drinks, though it’ll probably be more crowded on weekends. If you need a new bar to hang at, this might just be the place for you!

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