A benchmark between two different types of laptop has been spotted by Twitter user Tum Apisak.

This pits an ASUS FX505DU laptop against a GU502DU laptop on the left and right respectively.

Given that ASUS was one of the few manufacturers that produced an all-AMD laptop that featured both Zen and Vega mobile GPU, this leak came as no surprise to me that ASUS would once again work with AMD in some capacity when it comes to laptops.

According to the ASUS rep which I had the pleasure of speaking to earlier in the month, he clarified with us that the “GU” model is a budget variant of the ROG Zephyrus model of laptops that is still within the thin and light category, but does not fall under the Zephyrus branding. The “FX” models however, is more akin to your traditional gaming laptop design in terms of weight, portability and performance.

Curiously, according to our small database of tested laptops, it’s performance lies squarely against the Alienware m15 that we have reviewed recently. The laptops scored almost the same coming in at a two point differential against each other (5094 vs 5092) in favour of a very small lead for this new laptop.

Given that a full-sized mobile 1660Ti is going to perform roughly the same as a mobile 1070, it is not difficult to extrapolate the results to conclude that AMD may have closed the IPC gap between Intel’s processors to be able to get this score.

Expect more info to come on both the CPU and GPU side as we gear up for Computex at the end of May.

Via Notebookcheck & 3DMark database

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