When it comes to Netflix, most people probably instantly think of Western movies, or TV shows – The Good Place, The Umbrella Academy, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, just to name a few. Some people might not think of watching anime, and that’s okay! It’s also exactly why I’m writing this – to recommend a couple of anime series to check out on Netflix.

1. Assassination Classroom

Imagine a destructive alien, threatening to destroy Earth with its (literal) out of this world powers. Now imagine that same alien as a school-teacher, whose students are tasked with killing him. That’s pretty much the plot of Assassination Classroom. Expect tons of fun and action, but also heartwarming moments amongst the students as a whole!

2. Violet Evergarden

A beautifully animated Netflix original anime series, and I mean beautiful. The detail in every episode, every scene, is insane.

Just look at the animation!! / Gif Credits: Crunchyroll, on Giphy

Of course, the plot is interesting too! We follow our protagonist, Violet Evergarden, a war veteran turned letter writer, as she struggles to better understand herself and her past. It’s a really heartwarming series, but also a bit of a tear-jerker at times.

3. My Hero Academia

I’ve rambled about this a lot in a previous article, but once again: please give My Hero Academia a shot! Though some might find it to be a very stereotypical type of Shounen anime, the characters’ development gets much better as the series progresses.

4. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

Our protagonist, Chiyo, confesses to her crush Nozaki, who gives her his autograph in return. Turns out he’s a famous manga artist for a monthly manga magazine targeted towards girls!

Follow their humourous adventures with their crazy friends in this school-life based romantic comedy, as Chiyo tries to get Nozaki to understand that her feelings for him are romantic.

5. Mob Psycho 100

From the creators of One Punch Man, comes Mob Psycho 100. This particular anime series follows the adventures of Shigeo, a middle school student with psychic powers, and his self-proclaimed psychic mentor, Reigen.

It’s a series that has dealing with emotions as its main theme, though it also comes with stunning animation and tons of fights. No spoilers, but some of the fights involve the supernatural!

If any of these anime series sound like your cup of tea, and you have time to spare, consider giving some of them a shot!

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