In an interesting twist, , Intel will be using Reddit to gather feedback on what they should include in their graphics control center application that will launch with their discrete graphics solution that will be coming in 2020.

Currently, they will be socialating feedback in a 24-hour period but will be on the thread live on the 25th of April from 9 to 10.30pm CET (for us folks in GMT+8, that will be 25th April 4pm to 5.30pm) to answer all your burning questions ala AMA-style.

While there isn’t much pertaining to news of this, the most upvoted posts suggests some very basic features that consumers would want. Top of the list comments (as in most up voted) include  “No Spyware” to get user metrics without consent, few choice responses also include “No logging in required to download drivers via the application” , some form of game-recording support ala ShadowPlay and some simply said “good drivers”.

The following reddit post also gave a link where you could install and try out the app for yourself. It is unclear if you are required to have an Intel processor with integrated graphics to do this, though.


My thoughts? Just see what your competitors are doing. AMD has been doing a great job in that front to provide a good user experience ever since upgrading users to Radeon Crimson since 2015.

 It doesn’t contain any bloatware, many settings can be tweaked within this all-in-one package and most importantly, doesn’t look like the ass of a control panel from Nvidia that hasn’t been updated UI-wise since donkey years ago.

The most important thing I agree with the other Reddit users is that good, up-to-date drivers are always the prime reason why one would install such a utility in the first place. Hence, you shouldn’t make users jump through unnecessary hoops in order to directly update drivers from the app itself.

Via Notebookcheck & Reddit

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