You won’t bee-lieve (very funny, I know) what Pornhub’s philanthropic division, Pornhub Cares, is up to this time. From fully-funded education scholarships to free snow plowing, Pornhub’s latest foray into the realm of social issues is a campaign dedicating to saving the bees.

What’s the Buzz?

Pornhub’s latest “Beesexual” campaign involves the creation of a new channel that’s full of “bee porn” – videos of foraging bees doing their jobs (pollinating flowers) that include voice-overs by adult entertainment stars.

These “bee porn” videos are SFW (“safe for work”, or non-sexual) in terms of content, but they’re not exactly non-sexual because they’re hosted on Pornhub. The videos themselves have suggestive titles as well; one example being “Mature Natural Gets Plowed By Worker Bee”.

You can watch the campaign’s promotional video, made in collaboration with French advertising company BETC, here:

Though it sounds like a joke, it’s for a good cause! For each view of a “Beesexual” video, Pornhub will donate to charitable organisations dedicated to saving the bees. In particular, Pornhub has named the organisations Operation Honeybee, and the Center for Honeybee Research. Though it wasn’t mentioned how much would be donated per view, if a majority of Pornhub’s millions of daily visitors watch these “bee porn” videos at least once, the volume should count for something.

Why do this?

“With over 110 million daily visitors, we thought our users could come together to lend a helping hand and help conserve this precious species,” said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, in a press release. “It’s our duty to ensure bees continue to fornicate and pollinate.”

If a higher-up in one of the world’s most renowned pornsites can think that way, so can you. Though most of Singapore’s typical web providers have Pornhub blocked, give the cause some support if you have access to the site! Don’t bee a jerk about it – help save the bees.

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