Just earlier today, the Version 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went live, and along with it, Persona 5’s Joker’s addition to the game’s roster of fighters. As exciting as that sounds, real life has been a lot more lacklustre – given that Nintendo’s servers are down. This in turn makes the Nintendo eShop (which must be accessed to purchase the DLC and update the game), inaccessible.

Fans have been unable to access the Nintendo eShop since 9.17 p.m. EDT (that’s about 9 a.m. in SGT), according to the Down Detector.

Why the Hype?

Since Nintendo’s sudden announcement yesterday, Twitter has been raving about Smash’s newest edition to it’s long list of fighters.

It’s a monumental addition, too, seeing as how Atlus (the company behind Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and other famous J-RPG releases) titles have mostly been under Sony. For the first time, a character that is a part of a mainline Persona series is appearing on a Nintendo console!

Looking cool, Joker!

Of course, the internet also adores the charming Phantom Thief – with excitement building ever since Best Buy leaked Joker’s 3D-rendered model for Smash a couple of weeks ago. Even if you’re not a fan of the Persona series, you can’t deny that Joker’s attacks are cool, and his charge-gauge based attacks could be a game-changer.

Even then, non-fans have other things to look forward to! With a Stage Builder, Video Editor, and more Spirits to collect coming to the game, players can definitely be assured that purchasing the DLC will be worth their while. The exact details of these updates have been listed here:

Has the issue been resolved?

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t seem like it has.

Nintendo’s last Twitter update was posted 3 hours ago, and there hasn’t been news of the servers coming back up since then.

Regardless, hopefully the issue gets resolved soon. We’re sure that tons of fans are eager to try out Joker in battle, as well as all the new in-game features that the Version 3.0 update brings!

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