We’ve been playing a lot of The Division 2.

Hell, we’ve even posted our impressions earlier about Ubisoft’s excellent action RPG. We liked the game…but we’re also aware of a HUGE issue right now with the game.

What is it you ask?

It’s a major issue with equipment despawning for no reason. This is a VERY big deal, since the gadgets you bring with you not only complement your playstyle, they can mean the difference between life and death.

I carry with me a Drone and Seeker for example. The Drone’s to cover me, while the Seeker’s to flush out enemies hiding behind cover since I prefer to hang back and snipe.

I can’t do both in the game right now.

Equipment summoned disappears either right when they’re brought into play, or like in the video I recorded above, vanish a few seconds in without any warning.

Why is this happening? We have no idea. Ubisoft claims they’re aware of the issue, but thus far, have offered no fix or workarounds. That means there’s nothing you can do right now to stop the bug from happening.

Yeah, screwed is putting it pretty mildly.

For solo players like me, this makes an already tough game MUCH tougher since you’re basically relying solely on your guns. With no ability to use gadgets reliably, the game becomes even more of a challenge. It’s a fun one but given the choice, I wouldn’t have picked it at all.

I’m lucky enough to have gear that heal me after each kill but if you’re screwed by the RNG Gods, you can have a hell of a time advancing in the game right now.

Here’s hoping Ubisoft nails the issue with The Division 2 and patches it out soon so that we can all get back to playing the game exactly as intended; with homing balls of doom and killer drones.

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