We’ve seen Captain Marvel, and it is awesome. Even as hardcore comic book geeks, Carol Danver’s appearance on the big screen is pretty damn good, despite liberties taken with her origins.

Yeah, Captain Marvel’s not the perfect Marvel movie. Hell, it’s not even near the top of the list, but as an intro movie to who the character is and what she can do, we’ve seen much much worse, from both DC AND Marvel.

Watching the movie got us thinking…who else deserves their own Marvel movie? So we went back, wracked our brains and came up with this list.

Here it is, in no particular order:

5 – Nate Grey.

Marvel's X-man
Nate’s never joined the X-Men, but weirdly his code name is X-Man.

Nate Grey is Cable.

Well, he’s Cable but from an alternate reality/ timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse. Artificially created from the DNA of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Mr Sinister created Nate to be the ultimate weapon against the tyrant Apocalypse.

While Fox’s version of Cable’s appeared in Deadpool 2, that version was massively depowered, not to mention missing a lot of his abilities. His technorganic arm? Not a factor. His psi-mitar? MIA. He being the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyn Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey)? Totally ignored.

That’s why we need a Nate Grey movie. To show Cable at his most powerful, without any imposed limits instead of the neutered John Connor wannabe that he is in Deadpool 2.

Incidentally, that would also translate really well to the big screen. We’ve seen Cable, we’ve seen what powerful mutants can do. Dark Phoenix’s latest trailer shows how destructive that can be.

Now imagine all that, but set in the dystopian reality of the Age of Apocalypse, where it’s survival of the fittest, even if you’re a mutant. It basically gives Marvel a license to go balls to the walls insane with all sorts of destruction and over the top set pieces.

The best part? It’s an alternate reality, with zero effect on the MCU (sort of like Fox’s X-men movies) so well known heroes like Captain America can all bite the dust without affecting anything else.

4 – Elsa Bloodstone.

Marvel's Elsa Bloodstone.
Elsa really loves her tea.

Alright, let’s assume that Marvel doesn’t want Wesley Snipes or Blade back in the MCU (despite rumors to the contrary). Who can else can do pretty much the same thing the Daywalker does, but with more flair?

Enter Elsa Bloodstone.

She’s not half-vampire like Blade but she’s been trained since birth by her father to hunt down monsters and other supernatural threats. She’s also capable of superhuman feats of strength, has enhanced speed, durability and endurance. Couple that with a healing factor and immunity to vampire bites, she’s the perfect replacement for Blade.

Plus, her Bloodgem shard gives her limited magical powers too, making her a capable, all rounded action hero that’s perfect for whenever Marvel wants to delve into the supernatural/ magical side of things in the MCU.

After all, how else will a Hit-Monkey movie get greenlit?

3 – The Revengers.

Marvel's Revengers.
Bad and badass!

Ok so technically, the Revengers are a team, instead of a single character but we think they deserve a pass just cause of their potential.

Basically, the Revengers are demonically possessed Avengers who’ve been corrupted by ancient Elder Gods in a universe (called the Cancerverse) that’s eliminated Death (as a cosmic force and Death herself).

They’re totally evil, they look damn cool and they have the backing of the Gods (granted, these are evil gods) themselves! What more do you need to get you interested?

Nothing in their universe can die, which makes for some rather interesting potential ideas. Besides, who DOESN’T want to see the Avengers go up against evil (and undead/ demonic) versions of themselves?!

2 – Victor Von Doom.

Marvel's Doctor Doom.
Doom posing as Iron Man. Nobody was fooled.

Yes, we know Doctor Doom’s been in the Fantastic Four movies but he really deserves a movie all of his own.

Doom’s one of the only villains (or anti-hero depending on your stance) in the Marvel universe with a unique moral code.

He’s been a hero before. He posed as Iron Man awhile back when Tony was in a coma from Civil War II, he’s been part of the Fantastic Four (alongside Spider-man and others when they were called the Future Foundation) and he’s been known to land a hand or two when everybody needed to work for the greater good against a major threat like against Onslaught or Galactus.

He’s even Valeria Richards’ (daughter of Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic Four) godfather.

Of course, Doom’s not a truly good guy.

He’s still a despotic ruler of a country, one that he runs with an iron fist. He also tries to take over the world now and again (even succeeding during the Secret War: Battleworld event) and he’s not above a little death and destruction when it suits his purposes.

What we mean to say is this; a character with so much potential as Doom needs his own movie to show the true Doom. Not the one dimensional megalomaniac he’s portrayed as in the FF movies, but the nuanced conflicted person that he is in the comics.

1 – Onslaught.

Marvel's Onslaught
No one is safe!

If there’s one guy that can threaten the whole world, it’s Onslaught.

The physical manifestation of Charles Xavier’s and Magneto’s repressed urges, hatred and other bad, bad thoughts, Onslaught’s power was so great that it took the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men to take him down.

How powerful was he? He mentally enslaved the Hulk to do his bidding, he raised a huge citadel in Central Park with his mind and Franklin Richards’ powers, he controlled an army of Sentinels and of course, he sent the Juggernaut flying from Vancouver, Canada to New Jersey in the States in one hit. That’s 4,807.8KM in ONE hit. If Juggernaut wasn’t indestructible that would’ve killed him.

With Marvel getting back the licenses to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, Onslaught would make the perfect villain for the company to showcase all of their returned properties.

Like Thanos and his Black Order, Onslaught would ideally be the ultimate villain that brings every single superhero into one movie.

So there you have it, our list of the character we want to see Marvel bring to the big screen. What do you think?

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