A few days ago, Dark Phoenix’s US trailer was released. It was pretty awesome, full of big booms, really big booms and…really, really big booms! It was pretty much the Dark Phoenix (as Jean Grey), kicking everybody’s ass. For a showcase, it was pretty good at showing us how action packed the film’s going to be.

The new International trailer for the film (notice it’s called X-Men: Dark Phoenix, instead of just by its US title, Dark Phoenix) on the other hand, is more of a slow paced build up. Think of it as Ridley Scott’s Alien, compared to James Cameron’s Aliens, which was the other trailer.

In this one we actually see more Jean’s history, including the doomed space mission the X-men were on. Like the comics, that’s where Jean heroically sacrifices herself and then gets possessed by the Phoenix Force.

There are some repeat scenes from the other trailer (like the train wreck at the end) but on a whole, it seems a much more dramatic take on the film, with scenes of the X-men arguing on a course of action instead of just Jean kicking somebody’s ass every few seconds.

We actually prefer this trailer to the other one, even though it was already pretty awesome. Hopefully, the trailers will keep getting better until the film hits theaters on June 7.

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