Fangs for the memories!

The rumor mill is in overdrive this week as word broke that Blade (aka the Daywalker) might be staking a claim to the MCU in the future.

Wesley Snipes has never been shy about his desire to return to the role, and while Marvel hasn’t outright denied him, they haven’t exactly been chomping at the bit to bring Blade to the MCU either.

However, it seems like Blade may be coming after all, if rumors are to be believed.

Fueling further speculation is the fact that Blade is now an Avenger in the 616 universe. With a vampire civil war going on, Blade is recruited into the team to provide his vampire slaying expertise.

Whether this is an ill timed coincidence (or a carefully orchestrated tease) or not, it’s definitely weird that out of all the people who’d join the Avengers, it’d be Blade.

We’d love to see Blade (whether he’s played by Snipes or another) come to the MCU. We’ve seen the cosmic, we’ve seen the technological, we’ve seen the mythological. Now should be the turn for the supernatural aspects of the Marvel Universe to rise to the forefront and who better to spearhead that than Blade?

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