Like the title says, Crackdown 2 is now free!

To celebrate it being a backwards compatibility title, Microsoft’s giving the game away from free. All you need to do is hit up its Marketplace link, and download the game. Easy as pie.

There’s no word when the promotion will end but we suggest nabbing it as soon as you can just in case. A matter to take note; while the game itself is free, its various DLC packs still cost money so make sure to click correctly.

I played Crackdown 2 when it was released and personally found it a tad repetitive, with its boring mutant enemies and objectives. It certainly wasn’t as good as Crackdown or Crackdown 3 but it was a decent game nonetheless. Plus, it being free means there’s really no downside to nabbing it anyways!

Sadly, it seems there’s no special enhancements done to the title like some games in the Backwards Compatibility program. Still, the basic upgrades (like improved framerates) should still be present since they’re applied to all titles.

Like other Xbox 360 free titles, Crackdown 2 will be free for your account forever. It’s not a Games with Gold title, which means you can let your Xbox Live Gold membership subscription run out and still be able to play the game.

In other news, Crackdown 3 was released last month and is also free if you have a valid Xbox One Game Pass subscription. Our own Mohamed Ibrahim thought it was a great game in his review, so you might want to take a look at that too!

With the release of the Crackdown 2, all installments of the series are now available for play on the Xbox One.

What are you waiting for, Agent? A formal invitation? Get downloading and get started on cracking down some mutant heads.

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