samsung health
Samsung Health goes great with your fitness routine.

When you think of Samsung, we bet that health wouldn’t be the first thing that pops into your mind. We’re not surprised. After all, the Korean technology giant is known more for its cutting edge gear (like the Samsung Galaxy Fold) instead of health related stuff.

What might surprise you (especially if you’re not a Samsung user) is that the company actually has its own health app called Samsung Health (which you can get here for Android, and here for iOS).

It’s through the app that Samsung has partnered with Calm. The partnership’s allowed Samsung integrate Calm (the app) with Samsung Health, which Samsung hopes will allow users to benefit from better mindfulness.

The new integration’s available with the latest update of Samsung Health. To access Calm, all you’ll need to do is tap on the “Mindfulness” icon in Samsung Health, then follow the steps to sync or create your own Calm account. Calm’s a great app, especially if you’re looking for help to reduce stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Why got give the Samsung Health app a try? After all, it’s free!

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