Is this a fad or the future of smartphones? Time will tell.

If you’re not aware, Samsung’s just held one of its biggest reveals in recent years, at last night’s Samsung Unpacked 2019 event. There, the company revealed the new Samsung Galaxy S10 line and the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What’s interesting about the Samsung Galaxy Fold is that it’s not your run of the mill phone.

It’s a smartphone, that’s ALSO a tablet. It’s not a phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note line, but rather, a smartphone that can unfold into a tablet. Hence, the name Samsung Galaxy Fold, geddit? Yeah, not exactly a great or imaginative name, but hey, at least it’s spot on.

When folded, it has a 4.6-inch screen. Unfurled, the phone stretches out into it’s fully majestic 7.3-inch glory, with a new type of screen that Samsung’s dubbing the Infinity Flex. It’s supposed to be able to withstand being folded (and unfolded) ‘hundreds of thousands’ times.

The Galaxy Fold supports up to three apps multitasking at the same time, as well as App Continuity, which basically means you can continue an app from the smartphone mode to the tablet mode without any disruption or reset needed.

It comes with a whopping 6 (SIX!) cameras, 3 in an array in the back, 2 up front and a single one on the cover of the phone/tablet. With regards to its innards, the phone will come with a speedy octa-core processor, with 12GB RAM (so it can handle all the multitasking and app switching with no slowdown) and 512GB of storage.

The price for all this?

A cool US$1,980. We’ve not heard of local pricing yet but it’s about SGD$2,682 at the current conversion rate. Yeah, that’s a mighty high price to pay for a phone but definitely worth it if you’re into bleeding edge tech.

No worries, it’s set to release April 26, which should be more than enough time to find a buyer for whichever organ you want to sell off.

In the meantime, you can head on over to Samsung’s official website to ogle the Galaxy Fold.

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