Claire really needs a wardrobe change…she’s wearing pretty much the same thing since Raccoon City.

Finally! If you’ve an Xbox One gamer AND a Resident Evil fan, it was annoying that Resident Evil Code: Veronica X wasn’t part of the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility program.

Sales came and went, all the other Resident Evil games had their prices slashed. Yet, Code: Veronica X was not only noticeably absent, it wasn’t even playable.

Until now.

Microsoft’s quietly added the only main unnumbered Resident Evil game (no, Gaiden doesn’t count) to the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatible program yesterday, alongside all the Xbox 360 Lost Planet games.

If you’ve never played it, Code: Veronica is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 2, with Claire continuing her search for her missing brother, Chris. She’s kidnapped by the kind folks at Umbrella, and sent to an island prison where more biohazard based hilarity ensues.

When it was released, Code: Veronica X received a ton of rave reviews. It was notable for being the first Resident Evil game to have fully polygonal backgrounds (previous games were all done with pre-rendered backdrops), as well as bringing back fan favorite villain Albert Wesker.

The version playable on the Xbox One is the enhanced PS2 version, with additional content that wasn’t in its original release on the Dreamcast. These are in the form of additional cutscenes involving Wesker and his arrival on Rockfort Island in the beginning of the game. They’re not majorly integral to the plot, but still a nice addition to have.

If you don’t have the game, you can get it now via the Xbox Marketplace.

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