Arlo security fans rejoice! Arlo Technologies has announced its latest security camera innovation, the all-new Pro 5 2K Security Camera, is now available to purchase in Singapore at an RRP of SGD$329.

Like their predecessor, the Arlo Pro 5 retains its compact and elegant shape. But! it is now lighter, cheaper and smarter!

The latest addition to the award-winning Pro series, the Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera operates
off Dual-Band Wi-Fi support, with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz connections allowing users to enjoy faster
video loading, and less buffering, so they can see what is happening faster.

Users will also welcome significant battery life improvements, with the Pro 5 offer up to 30%
longer battery life than the Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera.

Through an Arlo Secure subscription, users can take their security to the next level with time-
saving automations that can be programmed to trigger events such as geo-fencing, mode changes, schedules, alarms and more. What’s more! Arlo Technologies reduced the price to make the subscription plan more affordable to everyone.

“The Arlo Pro 5 is one of the most secure and reliable security cameras Arlo has engineered to
date. Integrating two wireless technologies into one extremely compact form factor ensures
users are better equipped to ‘protect their everything’. Supporting the overall Pro 5 experience,
is the intuitive Arlo Secure app that ensures frictionless access to the most comprehensive
monitoring tools available,” Bradley Little, Arlo Vice President of Sales — APAC.

Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera Advancements.

Powerful advancements in the all-new Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera include:

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Support: Automatically connect to the strongest network available
between 5GHz or 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for the strongest possible connection.

  • Increased Battery Life: Up to 30% longer battery life than the Pro 4 allowing users to
    charge their camera less often.
  • 2K Video with HDR: High-performance lenses ensure crystal-clear detail in every
  • 160-Degree Viewing Angle: Keep an eye on what matters most with a wider field of
  • Integrated Spotlight: Light up the night and ward off unwelcome guests.
  • Built-In Smart Siren: Trigger the siren remotely or automatically during an event.
  • Colour Night Vision: See videos in colour rather than traditional black and white.
  • 12 bit image sensor: Capture over 60 billion colours – that’s over 100 x better than a
    human eye.
  • Two-Way Audio: Listen and speak to visitors with crystal clear, full duplex audio that
    reduces wind and noise.
  • Wire-Free and Weather-Resistance: Easily install indoors or outdoors.
  • Magnetic Connections: Easily add on accessories.
  • Platform Compatibility: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT for
    easy interaction, automation, and control

Stay tuned for our review of the Arlo Pro 5 2k!

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