Thinking of getting a vacuum cleaner for your man cave? Why not get one which will blend in with your computer and gaming peripherals! Acer’s lifestyle brand Acerpure now comes with it’s own cordless vacuum cleaner for you to suck away all those chips and cookie crumbs while you battle away!

What is the Acerpure clean V1?

For those who don’t know, Acerpure is the subsidiary of Acer group that is dedicated to providing high-efficiency and intelligent purifying technological products. Most of their products like the Acerpure cool air purifier and circulator are aimed at purifying the air and surrounding environments for a healthier lifestyle. You can read my review on the Acerpure cool AC551-50W air purifier here.

The Acerpure clean V1 is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner with 120AW and 23000Pa of suction power. To put that in perspective, the Dyson V8 has a Suction power of 115AW on Boost Mode. The Acerpure clean V1 is also fitted with a HEPA filter which is easily removed and replaceable.

The Acerpure clean V1 comes with three modes Eco, Standard, and Turbo which can be toggled via the button on the top. Battery life is roughly 60 minutes in Eco mode with a full 3-hour charge. The Acerpure clean V1 can be purchased via Acerpure’s website and retail at a discounted price of SGD 268.00 now.

What’s in the box?

The Acerpure clean V1 comes with an assortment of 4 function heads; Electric Roller Brush, 2-in-1 Brush, Electric Mite Removal Brush, and Deep Crevice Tool. The Electric Roller Brush and Electric Mite Removal Brush come with an electric connector to the main unit which allows the roller to spin on its own. The Electric Roller Bruch are also equipped with 4 LED lights to illuminate dark areas while you vacuums.

The Acerpure clean V1 comes in matte white color with brushed steel finishing and weighs 1.5kg. The total length of the extension arm plus the roller brush is 1.25m long which is comfortable for me who is 1.7m tall. The lightweight body of the vacuum cleaner allows me to use it with one hand reaching overhead cobwebs and hard to reach places with ease.


The main consideration for a vacuum cleaner is definitely the suction power, the Acerpure clean V1 has a powerful 23000pa suction force which rivals most brands in the market. Not only that, Acerpure clean V1 also utilizes cutting-edge technology with a 5 stage filtration to trap large and small size dirt/dust particles. 99.5% of particles down to the size of 0.3 microns are proven to be filtered by the 5 step filter technology.

Dirt, Dust, Hair, potato chips and cookie crumbs were tested on and I can say that it really saved me a lot of time and effort. The strong suction of the Acerpure clean V1 ensures that I get most of the particles on the first run and subsequent runs will ensure that it’s dust free.

Although the Acerpure clean V1 comes with 3 modes, I would usually turn on the Turbo mode to get the job done fast. Why wait when you have the best mode right? In vacuuming, I don’t think that there will ever be an overkill situation.

My favorite function head is the Crevice Tool as it allows me to reach hard-to-reach corners and 90-degree turns. The strong suction force is also a great choice for in-car vacuuming, I always find cordless vacuum cleaners not car friendly and rely mostly on corded vacuums to clean the interior of my vehicle.

But the Acerpure clean V1 proved to be a gamechanger, the suction force is able to remove the dirt that are trapped in the 3M matt. However, not all locations in the vehicle can be reached as the tools are not flexible enough to maneuverer around tight spots like under the seats.

But do beware the Acerpure clean V1 is not water friendly so try not to use it to suck up spilled milk with cereals.

The Electric Mite Turbo brush and 2-in-1 brush are also great tools to clean perforated locations and offers a choice to keep the brush clean by using it solely on the bed or sofa.

It was stated that the battery life is around 60 minutes under Eco mode for every full 3hr charge. There is a LED indicator for the battery life on the top of the main unit. I had been using the Turbo mode and the battery led would drop about 1 light after 10 minutes of usage. But usually, a full charge will get the job done and I had not faced a time where I needed to recharge the Acerpure clean V1 to complete vacuuming a room.

The charging of the battery can be done with the whole unit or you can remove the battery and charge it directly.

The dust and dirt particles are held at the catchment area, after a look at the aftermath you will be able to see how fine the dust particles are. Imagine I had been breathing in this particle all these while really sends me the shivers.

To clear the dust/dirt was really easy too, just pop over the catchment hatch and pour them into the dustbin. As the dust are so fine, I would recommend taking out the filter and give it a proper wipe down before using it again.

The Acerpure clean V1 also comes with a Wall mount rack to store your main unit with 3 other function heads. However, I could not figure out how to store the Mite Turbo brush too and it ended up in the box. Cleaning tools like mini brush are also included but I feel it’s too small and it requires quite a bit of wipe down to ensure that it looks clean.

The Bottom Line.

The Acerpure clean V1 really impresses me for the performance and at the price of SGD 268.00. The ease of use and functionality especially the 5 stages of filtration with HEPA filter was reassuring. Although I would prefer more function heads like a flexible tube to reach curved areas and a rack with more slots. The Acerpure clean V1 did it’s job that it was meant to do and the rest are more of a add-on request.


Cordless vacuum with strong suction at a competitive price.

The Good.

  • Strong suction force.
  • 5 filtration with HEPA filter.
  • Competitive pricing.

The Bad.

  • No flexible function head.
  • Takes time to clean.
  • Simple storing rack.

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