Think about Acer, the first thing that pops up will be computers, laptops, gaming gears. But do you know that Acer also produces household solutions products? That’s right! Air purifiers and vacuum cleaner! Let’s see if Acer should stick to making computers or this is a brand new sector for them to conquer!

Acerpure – What is it?

Acerpure is the subsidiary of Acer group that is dedicated to providing high-efficiency and intelligent purifying technological products.

I first got to interact with Acerpure products during Acer’s Chinese New Year luncheon and I was surprised that they even made these products. But after much thoughts it makes sense that Acer is looking into their customers concerns. Being in an office or even working from home means long hours in a confined space. Especially after the recent Covid-19 pandemic, everyone are more careful with hygiene particularly the air they breath in.

Acerpure cool AC551-50W.

Acerpure cool AC551-50W is a 2-in-1 air circulator and purifier with HEPA13 four-layer filter with a room coverage of up to 45m2.

The acerpure cool AC551-50W is retailing at SGD498.00 (currently having promotion at SGD 398.00) and available at Acerpure’s official store and at Gain City.

Acerpure is serious when it comes to air solutions! Man I know that I was going to receive some products to review. But nothing prepared me when I received the two huge boxes with the air purifier and vacuum cleaner.

The Acerpure cool AC551-50W air purifier is massive! Although it is big, it is really classy unlike conventional ones which are mostly rectangular and bulky. This comes in a cylindrical shape standing at 850mm tall with a fan attach on it.

It might look weird to have a fan on top of the air purifier, but after using it for awhile it makes sense to have it. Not only does it circulate the air in the room, it also doubles as a functional fan. The circulator has a 10 speeds and an max airflow distance of 12m.

Acerpure cool specifications.

Nett Weight6.34kg
Rated Power65w
Room Coverage45m2
Noise (Min/Max)25dB/56dB
Purifier SpeedSmart/1/2/3/Turbo
Circulator Speed10 Speed Steps/Off
Smart SensorGas Sensor (VOCs)/Laser Particle Sensor PM1.0 &PM2.5
Airflow Distance12m
HEPA Filter4-in-1, Pre Filter/HEPA Plus Filter/HEPA 13 Main Filter/Activated Carbon Filter
Swing ModeUp and Down (90 Degrees) / Left and Right 80 Degrees
WIFI & AppAcerpure Life App


Air purifiers are a recommended product for every household, office, or anywhere indoor that you or your love ones will spend most of your time. I first got serious about air purifiers when I have my first child, being a first timer dad I wanted the best for my son.

The air that we breath are full of odour, dust, pollens, fungi, bacteria, viruses and pet hairs that can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, having an air purifier with the right filter will eliminate 99% of the ultra-fine dust particles that can lead to allergies.

The acerpure cool AC551-50W is equipped with a four layer HEPA filter which includes a pre filter/HEPA Plus filter/HEPA13 filter and activated carbon filters that eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria, 99.97% of ultrafine dust, PM1.0, and allergies. The HEPA plus has been certified to effectively eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and 99% of coronavirus (229E) and influenza A(H1N1) virus. Unlike other brands where you have a filter for each function, the acerpure HEPA 4-in-1 filter means that it’s a more fuss free changing process.

I have been using the acerpure cool AC551-50W for about four weeks coming, placed in my home office where I spend most of my time post covid. One of the main differences that I could instantly feel was the smell of my home office. As I stay near the seaside whenever I leave my place enclosed for awhile, it would smelled stale. With the AC551-50W, it actually smelled like a computer server room (of course, i left the air purifier on throughout).

It certainly helps having the circulator above the air purifier, for one it doubles as a traditional fan (It’s really strong with 10 speeds) when I don’t on the air-conditioner. But the main function was to circulate the air in my space which the AC551-50W has an airflow distance of 12m which was well enough to reach my high ceiling of 5m.

Function buttons.

Power On/Off ButtonPress once to on/off the air purifier
Hold for 3 seconds to activate WIFI pairing
Purifier SpeedPress to change speed of purifier
Modes (Smart/Low/Middle/High/Turbo)
Circulator SpeedPress to change fan speed (10 Speeds)
TimerSet timer for 1hr,2hr,4hr,8hr and 12hr
Up/Down SwingAllows fan to swing up/down with 90 degree angle
Left/Right SwingAllows whole air purifier to swing left and right with 80 degree angle

The acerpure cool AC551-50W spots 6 touchscreen buttons on the body and also comes with a remote control which is magnetic and can be placed behind the machine.

The remote controller is quite small and is prone to being misplaced even with a strong magnet attached to it.

The controls are quite straightforward and you can lock the setting by holding onto the purifier speed button for 3 seconds. This is to ensure that young toddlers would not be able to change the settings while around the purifier. The purifier is also kids friendly, with gaps around it at less than 1cm. Although it is quite heavy at about 6 kg, I would still recommend putting it near a wall if you have free roaming toddlers. This is just incase they push and topple the air purifier.

Function Panel.

The acerpure cool AC551-50W spots a circular smart LCD panel which shows the air pollutant measurement namely the PM 2.5/PM 1.0 value, Dust status display and Gas status display. It will also show the mode that the air purifier is currently on.

The smart sensor is located behind the air purifier which can be accessed by removing the hatch. By activating the Smart mode, the purifier speed will automatically change according to the surrounding air state. The LED smart screen will also display real-time quality data and coded in color. Green for good air quality, yellow for moderate air quality and red for poor air quality.

I have a habit to light up sandalwood incense in the room at times, when I forgot to turn-off the air purifier almost instantly the smart mode would activate the turbo mode to remove the smoke and smell. Give another 10 minutes, any traces of the smoke would be removed.

Smart App.

The acerpure cool are supported by the acerpure life app which acts as your secondary touch panel to control the air purifier and also shows the current status of the air quality. The app also allows you to keep track of the HEPA filter’s health and prompts you when it was time to replace it. However, the app only supports Wifi 2.4G routers and not Wifi 5G. I tried to connect to my router but it was quite unstable.

The Bottom Line.

The acerpure cool AC551-50Wat SGD 398 is a very attractive price positioned 2-in-1 air purifier with circulator. It is also easy to maintain, the smart display will show the filter’s health percentage and you can replace the whole 4-in-1 filter by purchasing it on acerpure’s website at SGD68.00.

While it is aesthetically pleasant looking, some might find the circulator a turn-off. In this case, acerpure cool also come in another variant without the circulator! The acerpure pro AP551-50W can also be purchased on acerpure’s official website for SGD 298.


Great air purifier with circulator at an attractive price!

The Good.

  • Affordable price point.
  • Aesthetically good looking.
  • HEPA13 4-in-1 capabilities.
  • Fast swap filter.

The Bad.

  • Circulator looks weird.
  • Only comes in white color.

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