Motherboards aren’t usually pretty. Despite PC gamers loving to RGB everything, motherboards have only in recent years added in RGB lighting. It’s a weird affectation that some PC gamers are infactuated with. I never did get why everything needs to glow. Either way, if you’re one of those gamers, then the MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi blow your socks off.

MSI was kind enough to send us a sample of the motherboard, which allowed me to get some snaps of the hardware.

First things off, MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi is a killer looking piece of tech.

I honestly thought MSI’s B550M Mortar motherboard (which we’re using for our new PC gaming review rig) was cool looking but the MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi is in a class all of its own, especially with its RGB lighting (which is fully compatible with MSI’s Mystic Light app).

It looks sleek, with its black coloring and feels like a premium piece of tech through and through. It’s clear that MSI’s been tinkering with its build quality, and the motherboard feels unlike any other. The black coloring doesn’t just set it apart, it makes it look cool.

Yeah, I’m not above saying that. The MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi is one of the sexiest looking boards I’ve seen!

The amazing thing about the motherboard is that it’s not just looks and no brawn…because the MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi has that covered too. It’s compatible with AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 CPUs, because it’s sporting the AMD AM5 socket. It’s also DDR5 RAM compatible, up to 128GB.

If you’re building for a rig that can have an obscene amount of RAM for whatever reason…this is it.

The motherboard’s no slouch in other aspects too.

It packs 2.5G LAN, Lightning USB 20G (which boosts USB speeds up to 20GB/s) and Wi-Fi 6E. If you’re worried about lag (as in latency or in transfer speeds), then have you nothing to worry about with this bad boy.

On the audio side, the MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi sports MSI’s Audio Boost 5 tech, which produces crystal clear audio no matter what device you’re outputting with.

MSI’s also thought things through with thermal management.

The motherboard not only has its own thermal cooling solutions built it, you can also buy a custom liquid cooling monoblock that’s just for the motherboard.

I’m not kidding.

MSI’s partnered with EK to produce this monster of a motherboard dubbed the EK-Quantum MSI MPG X670E CARBON EK X D-RGB, which has a premium MSRP of US$879.99.

If that’s too much, know that the regular MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi can also be cooled via the regular ways, though with an AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPU, a water cooling solution is probably the best way to go.

One nice touch about the motherboard is that it comes with 2 Frozr heatsinks to keep m.2 SSDs cool. That’s good because the motherboard supports the latest PCIe 5.0 standard, which while blazing fast, also makes SSDs heat up fast.

Of the 4 m.2 slots on the motherboard, 2 are PCIe 5.0, which the remaining are PCIe 4.0, so you don’t really have to go all out. PCIe 4.0 SSDs might not be as fast as PCIe 5.0 ones but the Samsung 980 Pro (which is PCIe 4.0) in our gaming rig shows that the standard is still more than quick enough.

The bottom line is this; if you’re looking for a great motherboard that supports the latest tech AND has tons of cooling (with the ability to add even more), then you’ll want the MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi.

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