We got our hands on Acer’s latest 16″ OLED display laptop! We love the big screens and slim body. Let’s see what else is great about the Acer Swift Edge!

What is the Acer Swift Edge?

The Acer swift edge is a light weight ultra portable laptop with a 16 inch OLED display. Made from special magnesium-aluminium alloy which is twice as strong as aluminium and weighing in at only 1.17kg.

The Acer swift edge’s sleek profile at only 12.95mm thick makes it easy for one handed operation. The 16 inch laptop is powered by AMD Ryzen™ 7 PRO 6850U and AMD Ryzen™ 5 PRO 6650U.

Integrated with Microsoft Pluton, the security processor adds extra security to protect sensitive assets from cyber-attacks.

The Acer Swift Edge is now available at Acer’s online store and major electronics retail outlets. The Acer Swift Edge is available in two colors, Olivine black and Flax white and retails from SGD 2,298 to SGD 2,798.


16 inch (40.6cm)
WQUXGA (3840 X 2400)
16:10 60 Hz
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro 64-bit
CPU ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 PRO 6650U processor Hexa-core 2.90 GHz
AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U processor Octa-core 2.70GHz
Graphics CardAMD Radeon 660M Shared memory
AMD Radeon Graphics
Memory1 TB SSD
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6E (6Ghz Band)
PortsUSB-C4 x2, USB-A 3.1 x2, HDMI 2.1, 3.5mm Audio Jack x 1,
Dimensions38.4cm x 24cm x 1.29cm


Built for nomadic ventures, the Acer Swift Edge is built for portability yet does not sacrifice on comfort. The first impression when I got my hands on the Swift Edge was how light it was and yet it has a 16 inch OLED display! With such a massive screen, my natural reaction will be to swipe the screen but it’s a pity that it’s not built to be a touch screen!

The exterior is made from a magnesium-aluminium alloy which is twice as strong as aluminium, but due to the size of the laptop it does feel flimsy. Compared to a MacBook which feels more solid, the swift Edge requires more care and a padded casing when travelling with it. The magnesium alloy exterior is also more susceptible to scratches when placed with other gadgets.

Once you flip up the screen, the 16 inch OLED display will be unleashed in all its glory. Framed within a thin bezel fully showcasing the 16 inch display, the swift edge display has a 92% screen to body rate. Now that’s a looker!

In terms of design, the Swift Edge spots a minimalist and clean setup, a standard qwerty keyboard filled half of the laptop base. Perforated strip above the keyboard for heat and sound and a trackpad below the keyboard. The inbuilt camera is tucked nicely above the display, however due to the thin bezel there is no cover for the camera. One thing about being light weight is that the keyboard tends to sink in every time I type. It’s not a big issue for me but for a laptop in excess of SGD2000, I would prefer something more solid. The good thing is, the keys are soft and quiet and would not disturb the people around you.

The frame of the Swift Edge is big due to the 16 inch display, however there are a lot of wastages in terms of space usage. Acer could have increase the size of the keys or even added in additional programmable keys which would be helpful for editing.

It spots a huge trackpad, maybe a big too big. Maybe it’s due to the large base that it has. But it does give me more space to rest my palm when I am typing as compared to other laptops. There is a biometric sensor built into the power button, therefore you can unlock the laptop while switching on the laptop. a standard 1080p webcam is built in at the top of the display however it does not come with facial recognition, therefore the only advance security feature is the biometric button. Do note that the placement of the biometric sticker did confused me, I actually placed my finger on the sticker the first couple of times.

Given that it is only 12.95mm thick, Acer still managed to put in quite a number of ports, 2 type C, 2 type A, 1 HDMI and a audio jack port. That’s quite generous for a slim setup which was greatly appreciated.


4K (3840 x 2400) resolution OLED display with cinema grade 100% DCI-P3 color gamut support and 500 Nits brightness. Amazing is the word, the colors really jump at you like you are using a high performance desktop widescreen. The OLED display is VESA True Black HD500 certified with a contrast rate of 1M : 1 which allows for 100X deeper black levels which greatly enhances the user experience in gaming, movie and editing of pictures and videos with a more superior and dynamic range. Response rate ≤0.2ms

All these are supported with AMD’s top of the line Ryzen Pro 7 6800U CPU and AMD Radeon Graphics. For a price below SGD 2500, I am fine with these specifications. Ultimately, I am getting something for work and leisure which the swift edge aced.

If you are looking for a gaming or video editing/rendering set, I suggest you look elsewhere. Although I was able to play my CS:GO with no issues, I tried to run Overwatch with it and there was the occasional lag. Same thing happened when I opened 20 tabs and tried to write, the keys tend to lag. This actually happened a couple of times and I had to refresh the computer to solve the issue.

The audio speakers are fitted on the base of the laptop, therefore when you tried to play movies or songs it tends to sound mono and muted to an extent which is really a turn off for a laptop that was supposed to be like an entertainment system.

The acer swift edge also provides a 1080 front facing camera, nothing to complain about. the camera comes with a face tracker that auto focus on the subject. TNR Temporal Noise Reduction for high quality imagery in low light conditions.

The battery life last between 5.5hr to 9.5hrs dependent on usage, the 4K OLED is a beast in draining battery life. Therefore always bring the charger out when you plan to use the laptop for an extended time. I tend to play Youtube videos while I work and that really drains the battery, it’ll be at half life right before lunch, starting my day at 9am. But one thing about the swift edge is that it doesn’t get hot like other laptops, the chassis is vented below and there are perforated marking above the keyboard for the heat to be regulated.

The Bottom Line.

The Acer Swift Edge is a looker with great portability, in terms of view quality it is one of the best laptop on the market right now. I have no issue taking it with me anywhere in the world surfing the web, watching videos while writing my articles. It actually travelled with me to 3 different countries in a span of 1 month and I find it quite comfortable and lightweight to work with. The only thing is to be extra careful not to place it with other hard objects in the bag and have a good padded travel casing.


A functional laptop with big and quality display with great portability.

The Good.

  • Big and quality display
  • Lightweight
  • Clean design
  • Good number of ports

The Bad.

  • No touch screen
  • Battery life can be better
  • Flimsy Keypad

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